Are you a Pennsylvania EMS Agency?


Do you respond to 911 emergency calls as a licensed QRS, BLS or ALS agency?


Do you have the potential to care for pediatric patients as part of your 911 response?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you need to know more about PA PECC and how it can help you be better prepared to respond and care for pediatric patients.

What is a PECC?

A Pediatric Emergency Care Coordinator supports the preparedness and delivery of pediatric care for an EMS agency.

Pa PECC Dashboard

A site for current Pennsylvania PECC’s, PECC agency medical directors and PECC support teams.

Public Resources

Pediatric related resources to support the readiness of EMS agencies in providing pediatric care.

About the PA PECC Project


Agencies in the PECC Network!

The PA PECC project has been developed in support of an EMSC initiative to promote the oversight and safe delivery of pre-hospital pediatric care in Pennsylvania.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Our resources are targeted at the delivery of pre-hospital care to children who require an ambulance however some resources carry over and support parents, other public safety responders and the general public.


What Agencies are saying!

“Having a PECC helps our agency deliver high quality pediatric care”

“Our PECC and related programs  reduce provider anxiety when dealing with pediatric patients”

“Implementing a PECC has helped to form and strengthen connections with pediatric resources in our area.”

“PECC’s facilitate feedback on pediatric calls which improves patient care to one of our most vulnerable populations.”

“Our PECC promotes more hands on training for pediatrics allowing greater comfortability in dealing with peds.”


In order to better serve our EMS Agencies and their PECC team we are asking PA EMS services to submit their interest and contact information so that we can provide directed information and engage our partners on a regular basis.

Need more information?

To request further information regarding the Pennsylvania Prehospital Pediatric Emergency Care coordinator program please submit your information below and a team member will contact you directly.