Q: Are Pennsylvania EMS agencies required to have a PECC?

A: No, there is no mandate to have a PECC, however many EMS agencies are already meeting many of the PECC Objectives presently and simply naming an individual to coordinate as an agency representative will allow improved communications, resource sharing and facilitate improve pediatric care overall.  

Q: Does a PECC need to be a single person?

A: No, A PECC can be an individual or a team who all contribute to the PECC role.  Is using a team, a contact person will be named the PEC.

Q: There are a lot of PECC Objectives, does the PECC need to meet all of them?

A: No, the Objective list can be used a-la-cart and the EMS agency select which they can or want to meet.  The PECC can choses as many as they feel capable in supporting.

Q: Does having a PECC make a difference?

A: Yes. An EMS agency is not mandated to have a PECC however having a PECC facilitates a level of pediatric readiness that is certain to transition to improved care through improved readiness both in regards to personnel and non-personnel components of EMS care along with offering a safer environment for pediatric care by placing a more prepared EMS provider in readiness for pediatric patient care.

Q: We are a QRS Agency and run a low volume of calls with only a few members. How can we support a PECC?

A:  All QRS agencies respond to emergency calls for care with a transporting ambulance service. By partnering with the transport service, the QRS can facilitate developing a collaborative PECC team at the Community or Regional model level.  The shared effort reduces individual agency workload and improves communication, training and oversight.

Q: I have a hospital in our coverage area who has a PECC already. Can we use them as our PECC?

A:  Yes, if the individual is able to and agrees to be the agency PECC.  Make sure any Hospital PECC is aware of EMS specific scope, equipment, protocols and any other issue that would vary between applications in the hospital and pre-hospital delivery of care.

Q: Does it cost money to have a PECC?

A: Depending on the effort an agency places on meeting PECC objectives, some may come with a cost.  Whether that is in addition to current expenses varies across agencies. An agency should always evaluate the benefit of any program or purchase in order to make sure they are investing in a valued effort.  Cost, outcomes, liability and risk are just a few considerations when conducting an analysis.

Q: How will the PA PECC program support EMS agency PECC’s?

A:  The PA PECC is developing guidelines and resources to give direction to EMS agencies as they develop their PECC program internally.  This may include structure to supplement a current process such as quality improvement or identifying pediatric specific testing scenarios for competency evaluation.  These guidelines and resources are a work in progress and will continue to grow in numbers while being evaluated for consistency and currency. There is no one size fits all therefore the resources are meant to support agency specific programs and not to establish a program in its entirety.

Q: How does my EMS agency get more information or provide notice of who our PECC is?

A:  An EMS agency can submit their request for information or PECC contact either via email to the PECC project site or through the PECC website.

Q: Where can I get more information about what a PECC is and what the PA PECC project offers?

A:  The PA PECC project can be accessed through multiple avenues.  Directly via email at papecclc.pehsc@gmail.com; through the website at www.PAPECC.org; and also, through social media with Facebook (PA_PECC), Twitter (@PAPECC) or Instagram.